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The digital possibilities have changed, but gestoria in Spain have not kept up with the times. Everything should be possible via your mobile or PC, but in practice you still often have to make time-consuming and pointless trips to a gestoria. Western European customers expect the best service, while they rarely get it here (but they do deserve it). That is why we are fully committed to providing a 5-star service with the highest convenience at the lowest rates. At Exactly you can easily arrange everything via your smartphone, tablet or PC. Submitting a receipt, for example, is very simple. Just take a photo with your mobile phone and app it to us. You can also email it or upload it directly in your Exactly environment. We will take care of the rest.

The employees of Exactly have decades of experience in Spain and are really there for you to help you with accounting, taxes, NIE / NIF applications and all other services that you can expect from a full-service accountancy firm. Exactly also distinguishes itself on price. As a private person you pay as little as from € 9,95 per month and as an autónomo this starts at € 39,95. This is a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere. Do you really want to live and work in Spain without a care in the world? Then let Exactly take care of your accounting and taxes.


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